Feel different.

Kemze Studios makes...
the Kemoverse worldbuilding project.

Furries. But seriously.

Where on Earth are they?
How do they live?

The goddess of creation. Our savior and protector.

A realistic take on an alternate furry universe
set in a post-human society.

The Outsiders, The Wizzes,
and the Guardians.

I feel different from the others.

The exploration of an emotional story.
Fate and calling. Being and belonging.

Kemoverse Online.

Welcome to the Kemoverse, a worldbuilding project revolving around the concept of furries on Earth that makes sense from a sociological, economical, political and individual perspective. The creatures think similar to us, but live, eat, build and work very differently.

The main project for this idea is Kemoverse Online: a 3d socializing game that lets you follow a light story together and explore the world together with your friends. It's a purely immersive experience: there is no competitive gameplay, as the purpose is to just hang out together.

You exist in the Kemoverse, reborn.

Side projects include various comics and merchandise, released with a pay-what-you-want model.

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