Feel different.

Kemze Studios makes...
the Kemoverse worldbuilding project.

Furries. But seriously.

Where on Earth are they?
How do they live?

The goddess of creation. Our savior and protector.

A realistic take on an alternate furry universe
set in a post-human society.

The Outsiders, The Wizzes,
and the Guardians.

I feel different from the others.

The exploration of an emotional story.
Fate and calling. Being and belonging.

Kemoverse Online.

Welcome to the Kemoverse, a worldbuilding project revolving around the existence of furries on Earth that makes sense from a sociological, economical, political and individual perspective. The creatures think similar to us, but live, eat, build and work very differently.

The main project to materialize this idea is Kemoverse Online: a 3D exploration game that lets you follow a story at your own pace with an added online mode to explore with your friend. It's a purely immersive experience: no objectives to fulfill, no reminders to guide you around, and no annoying cashgrabs or dumbed down content. You exist in the Kemoverse, reborn.

Side projects include various comics and merchandise, released with a pay-what-you-want model.

Check it out!